Enterprise plan

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Enterprise plan




The Enterprise plan lets an organization build a global process collaboration platform. Employees can collaborate efficiently as they document processes and certify themselves on the processes they are involved in ensuring better governance and compliance. To purchase an Enterprise plan contact us.



oDedicated Cloud Services: Dedicated instances of Bizagi Modeler with isolated storage and a personalized URL.

oSingle Sign-On: Avoid re-authentication needs by configuring Bizagi to authenticate using your identity management systems.

oMy Processes: See a listing of not just the processes you are involved in but all processes published by the organization, right from the home screen of the company Process Library



oAdvanced Search: Search across all the processes shared with or created by you. Also, perform property-based searches within individual processes.

oActivity Stream: Keep track of all the changes made to the processes while you are away.

oReal-time notifications and synchronization: See who checked out a process diagram, get notified each time a change is made and get alerts when the process is available to work on again.



oProcess Compliance: Users can acknowledge that they have reviewed the process and all its steps, so the organization can create better governance and compliance.

oValue Chain Diagram: Model and visualize the entire process landscape of your business through the Value Chain Diagram.

oRevision history: Version your processes to create snapshots and achieve better control and governance while you collaborate with your colleagues.



The Enterprise plan gives you the following features:


Yearly plan invoice paid in advance

The storage is defined according to the customer's need when creating the subscription

Value Chain Diagrams

Process Mining

Activity Stream

User Management

Real time collaboration features

Advanced Search

Single Sign-On


Process Compliance

Dedicated Cloud Services

Revision history

Reference a process on any model to a reusable sub-process

Real Time Notifications in an Activity Stream

Offline cloud collaboration

Basic and advanced publishing


Company sub-domain of Bizagi Modeler Process Library (Example: https://model-companyname.bizagi.com/).


Buy an Enterprise plan

To purchase an Enterprise plan, contact us.