User management - Enterprise

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User management - Enterprise


In this portal, you can manage all the cloud-based services' users of the Bizagi platform. You can also control permissions and roles of the different models or projects of your service subscriptions.


Depending on your role you can manage users at the following levels:

Company users

Subscription users

Model users

Company administrators


Administrators can also manage users based on their roles.


For further information about the different roles and permissions, see Customer Portal users and roles.


The following table summarizes the actions that you can perform at each level.





Create Company users

Create company users in batch

Deactivate users

Remove company administrators

Set / change company administrators


Add users to subscription

Add subscription users in batch

Remove users from subscription

Set / change roles form users in the subscription



Add users to model

Remove users from model

Set / change roles from users in the model



To be part of any service subscription and workspace, all users must belong to the company.