Offline Cloud Collaboration


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Offline Cloud Collaboration



We all recognize the power of the cloud and its unbeatable benefits, many of which are covered here. Yet the fact remains that, sometimes and in some places, you will experience connectivity problems. Whether that “someplace” is on the plane or at a client’s site, Bizagi's collaboration features mean your productivity will not suffer.

Offline working is available for each diagram individually. Select the diagrams you want to work on when you can’t find an internet connection. Immediately, Bizagi saves the designated diagrams to be available locally and locks them so other users will not be able to edit them.

For any Bizagi Modeler paid plan, any editor can go offline with any model in the plan*.

For more information, refer to Sharing permissions levels.





*Processes with Published status are not available for offline editing.


Going Offline

To start working offline open your Cloud model in Bizagi Modeler and click Work Offline in the ribbon.




A new window appears where you can select the diagram(s) you need to have available offline. These will be stored locally in your machine.

The selection diagram window has two columns. The left one has the whole list of diagrams in the model and the right one the selected diagram(s) on which you want to work offline.

On the left panel either select the diagram(s) on which you want to work offline or type the name of each diagram on the search control, and click the arrow pointing to the right.




Once the diagrams on which you want to work offline are in the right panel, select the arrows pointing to the left if you want to get any diagram out of the panel. Select the arrows pointing up or down to manually change the order of the diagrams, or select the sort button to alphabetically sort them. To finish, click OK.




A pop-up window appears to confirm that now you are working on the model offline. Remember that when a diagram is offline, and thus checked out, no other users sharing the model can edit its flow or documentation. All chosen diagrams will be available offline, and the diagrams that were not chosen will not be available offline.




The diagrams you chose to be available offline will be locked for your team members until you check them in again. However all diagrams are available from the Process Library for reviewing and comments.




Going online after working offline

As soon as your internet connection is back, click Work Online. Bizagi will synchronize your work without checking it in, so your team members can stay up to date with your modifications.




If you have finished your modifications, click Check in to release control of the model so it is available to your colleagues.




If you have more than one diagram checked-out, you can check them all in by closing Bizagi Modeler. A message asks if you want to check in all diagrams automatically.