Bizagi Modeler plans

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Bizagi Modeler plans

Once a model is uploaded using any of our Bizagi Modeler plans, it is saved in the Bizagi Modeler cloud repository.


Depending on the plan you are subscribed to, options and features will be available for your use.

Please review Choosing the appropriate plan for you, for more information.


The following table describes what you can do from the Bizagi Modeler desktop application and what you can do from Process Library.




Bizagi Modeler desktop

Process Library

User profile management



Edit user profile


Bizagi Modeler user management


Sharing models

Share a model

Manage access rights to models


View, add and reply to comments in models, diagrams and shapes

Lock diagrams for editing


Release diagrams locks


Activity Stream

Model Management

Create a new cloud model

Upload an existing model to the Bizagi Modeler cloud repository


Edit model properties

Review a diagram (process flow)

Review documentation (diagram shapes and extended attributes)

Edit process flows in diagrams


Edit documentation


Basic Search

Advanced Search

Manage attachments from Cloud storage


Delete a shared model


Manage and organize diagrams through folders*


Value Chain diagrams


Revision history management


Process view


Revision publishing