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Activity Stream

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Activity Stream



The Activity Stream allows everyone collaborating in a model to keep track of all changes and comments performed by all team members, while being away, in rich and meaningful way. A time line lists all activities sorted chronologically. Each activity contains a representative icon categorizing the story types and a link to navigate easily to the object mentioned.


Before you start

The Activity Stream is available in the Modeler desktop application as well as in the Modeler Services website for customers with a subscription or in Trial mode. It is displayed for both, Editors and Contributors.


Using the Activity Stream

To open the Activity Stream pane, click the bell icon (ActivityStream_02) located at the bottom right corner of Bizagi Modeler or in the toolbar in Modeler Services website (Websitel_16).

When the Activity Stream is opened, the activity list with past events is loaded. Every new activity will be loaded as soon as it arrives. If the pane is closed and a notification is received, the icon will be highlighted with orange (ActivityStream_03) or (Websitel_19).


In the Activity Stream, the following actions will create a notification:

Diagrams check-in, check-out

Diagram created, modified or deleted

Folder created, renamed or deleted

Diagram(s) and/or folder(s) moved to another folder

Comments created on models, diagrams or elements and their replies

Model properties changed


When a user is in the root of a Model or in a folder all activity notifications will be shown in the Activity Stream.

When a user is within a specific diagram, the Activity Stream will show the activities related to it.




An activity notification contains the following information:


Activity type





1.Activity Icon: this icon varies depending on the type of activity and where the activity was performed.

2.Label: This label uses the following structure: Name of the user who performed the activity + Action + link to where the action was performed. Possible actions are: check-in, check out, add, delete, modify, and rename.

3.Time: Time when was the action was performed.



1.Activity Icon: white icons represent comments.

2.Label: This label uses the following structure: Name of the user who made the comment + added a comment to + link to where the comment was performed.

3.Time: Time when the comment was made.

4.Comment: Comment made by the user.

5.Reply: Option to reply to the comment.



1.Activity Icon: blue icon represents replies.

2.Label: This label uses the following structure: Name of the user who made the comment + replied to the thread + firsts characters of the previous comment + link to where the comment was performed.

3.Show/Hide comment: Shows or hides replied comment.

4.Comment: comment to which this reply is addressed.

5.Time: Time when the reply was made.

6.Comment: Reply made by the user.

7.Reply: Option to reply to this thread.




The following objects will not be generate notifications in the Activity Stream:

Extended Attributes (add, edit or delete properties)

Custom Artifacts (add custom artifacts to the model)

Resources (add, edit or delete resources)

Files (add, rename or delete cloud model attachments)

Additionally, any activity related to specific elements such us comments on tasks won't have a direct link to the element. Instead there will be a link to diagram where the element is contained.