Business Insights portals first steps

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Business Insights portals first steps


After purchasing Business Insights, users need to get started in two main portals: the Customer Portal and the Business Insights Service Portal. This article guides you through the first steps to complete in each of the portals.

Customer Portal first steps

Business Insights Service Portal first steps


Accessing the first time the Customer Portal

Before start creating data sets, you must invite and manage the users who have access to the subscription.


The subscription owner receives a URL of the Customer Portal with the following format:




Log in the Customer Portal. See Accessing the Customer Portal the first time.





We recommend changing your password before the first log in.


Sign in configuration

To use  Business Insights - data sets you need to sign in to your subscription by using your registered email to get started. Bizagi provides an Accounts module where the sign-in to your subscription is handled. However, if you want to configure your authentication with external identity providers.


To learn more about Bizagi's Accounts module, click here.


User configuration

Then you must follow these steps:


1. Add users to the company user's pool in the Customer Portal.

2. Invite users to the subscription.


For further information consult Managing Users.


1. Create users in the company user's pool

The Customer Portal holds users for all the services of the Bizagi cloud offering. Therefore, users of your BI Service must belong first to the company user's pool. You need to create a new users in the company pool. See Create users in the company user's pool.



To create users in the company user's pool you must be a Customer Portal administrator.




2. Invite users to the subscription

Once users are part of the company user's pool, the subscription owner must invite users to your subscription. Log in the Customer Portal, then access the BI Service, and then Include users.




We recommend to activate the Notify by email option. This option sends an email so users can activate their account.




For more information, see Add users to a service subscription.


Business Insights Service Portal First Steps

Only after users validate their accounts, they access the BI portal.

Now users under the BI subscription can create data sets projects accessing the BI portal:




Create a new BI project. Each User can create unlimited BI projects.






Creating a Dataset

Datasets can be fed using a .csv file, or from the same processes. Then you can consult the information of datasets from processes or external applications using the endpoints provided by Bizagi Business Insights.

For further information about creating and publishing a data set, consult Creating a Dataset.



Business Insights provides environments for each project so you can store dummy information before moving to your production environment. BI projects'  environments are NOT related to any Automation Service environments. You can feed or consult a dataset from a particular environment, from a separated Automation process.






For further information about environments, see Working with dataset environments.


Feeding a dataset

You can either upload a CSV file, or feeding the datasets from Bizagi processes.


See Connecting Bizagi processes to feed dataset.


Consult the information from a dataset

Once you have published a dataset, you can consult the information of that dataset using an OData endpoint created by the BI service. This endpoint can be consulted either using a Bizagi Connector or configuring the endpoint in reporting tools such as Power BI. See Consuming the dataset with external applications.


Next steps

For Business insights FAQs, regarding this welcome guide, refer to FAQs.