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Creating a dataset

Create a new data set.

Working with environments

How to create datasets in the BI environments, and add more environments.

Connecting Bizagi processes to feed the dataset

How you can populate a dataset with information.

Consuming the dataset with external applications

How to consult the information of a dataset.




1. Do I need to download or install software to use Business Insights service?

No, BI and its cloud environments are ready to be used without needing to consider other software.

Users, testers or admins only need a browser and internet connection to access your cloud-based service.


1.What should I do if I need help?

Please let us know about any technical difficulty you are facing, or questions you may have about Bizagi features, by submitting a ticket directly at https://www.bizagi.com/en/secure-support/view-my-tickets.

To submit a ticket, log in with your Bizagi.com account and follow the instructions presented in the Technical Support document.

If you experience any difficulty when logging in to Bizagi.com, while attempting to submit a ticket, with the onboarding process, or regarding the scheduled training programme, contact us at FreeSupport@bizagi.com.


2.How do I manage users accessing the service?

All cloud-based services can be managed from the Customer Portal. In this portal you can add users to your BI subscription. For further information see Bizagi Customer Portal.