Business Insights - Datasets for reporting and process mining

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Business Insights - Datasets for reporting and process mining


The Business Insights Datasets service lets you go beyond process execution to work with your data by integrating reporting tools of your choice, by exploring fields such as artificial intelligence (predictive analysis), and by creating portals that offer a rich user experience.

This is an additional service, purchased separately from your Automation Service subscription.


To generate reports with the most up to date information from Bizagi Projects, in real-time, Business Insights enables customers to define and consume contextualized and denormalized business data without an intimate understanding of a project’s data model structure. Customers can push the desired information from Bizagi processes into Business Insights' datasets at the right moment(s) of the case flow and use it to create reports with third party tools or for AI analysis.









You can easily configure when the information is extracted from Bizagi, so your datasets contain high-quality data that is final and reliable when consumed.


After purchasing the Business Insights service, Bizagi will provision a site with the same URL provided for an Automation Service subscription, adding the bi- prefix (example, https://bi-[CustomerName]