Getting started with Business Insights

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Getting started with Business Insights


Welcome to Business Insights with Data sets and thank you for choosing us as your Digital Business Platform on the cloud!

We are excited to have you as a customer and look forward to offering you a positive experience.


This welcome guide will help you enjoy a smooth transition to your new service, providing you with resources and information to guide you in your very first steps.


Bizagi Business Insights is an application that lets you expose and save your Bizagi processes’ business information in the Cloud so you can use it for specific purposes like creating reports with third-party tools or for AI analysis.




What to expect

Your subscription to Business Insights with datasets entitles you to:

One subscription owner. Ownership is bound to that user (or email account) purchasing the subscription. This user can manage users within the subscription.

Create an unlimited number of data sets.

Share your subscription with other users

Technical support with an online ticket portal enabling easy communication with an expert Bizagi team and follow-up on your side.




You are in charge!

Your cloud-based data sets service is ready for you to use, but it does not have yet any data sets to use. You are completely in charge of the content of the information that you publish in these data sets, and when to make them available to your users.

You can explore, validate, and become familiar with the service right away.  And, most importantly, you can publish data sets at any time, starting now.

Next steps

In the following sections, you will learn:

The different types of user roles and portals available on Business Insights.

The first steps of your Cloud Portals.