License activation

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License activation

If you have purchased User based licenses, you need to license Users (process participants) per environment.

If you have purchased Usage based licenses, you need to license the environments purchased.


After purchasing a license for the first time you can log to the portal and Download the license as shown in the image below.





Take into account that when a license key is activated in a server (or computer) you have an installation.


To Activate Licenses you need to access the License Administration option found in the Initial page or in the Help tab, in Bizagi Studio or the Management Console.





Any mentioned limitations here only apply in On-Premise environments. For Bizagi Cloud environment features and limitations follow this link.


First time License

When the License key is received it has to be entered in Bizagi Studio through the License Administration option. A new window will display.

Select the installation (server) that needs to be licensed.

If the server does not appear in the drop-down list, type the name and click on Connect (Lightning icon).




The first time you enter the key there will be no license information available, it will just say: "Server licensed for development and testing purposes only".




Click on Enter License key button and type or paste the license key in the space provided.

Click OK to save changes.




The license information for the installation will be shown.





When making changes in important aspects of the hardware in your infrastructure setup, such as using a different production server (or a different network card -NIC), contact our support team in order to make sure that your license is adjusted to your new hardware.


The activation of the key and the license renewal requires an Internet connection. If for some reason this is not possible read here how to activate a license key in a server without Internet Connectivity


Applying user based licenses to your installation

There are some considerations when applying already purchased user based licenses to users within an installation.


To assign a license to a user, open its properties through the Work Portal > Admin > Users menu. Edit the user you want to activate and under the User Configuration tab, check the Active checkbox, save your changes when finish.




To verify the number of used user licenses, select the Licenses item in the Admin drop-down menu.




The maximum number of users that are allowed to be active will be the number of users assigned in your licenses. Admon is considered as a user in Production environment.


If you have fewer user licenses than the number of active users in the Work Portal, an error will be displayed preventing anyone to access the Work Portal. Make sure you deactivate enough users until the number of active users are fewer than the user licenses assigned to the machine. This must be done before activating the license.





When creating a user in a licensed installation, Bizagi will automatically set the Active property to enabled, thus, using one license.


When you are running out of user licenses, a message will appear at the top of the users window rising awareness of how much user licenses you have used.




If you are creating a user when you have ran out of licenses, an error will be displayed. You need to purchase more licenses or deactivate another user.