Offline license activation

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Offline license activation

For development purposes, Bizagi does not require a license nor Internet access. All its functionality is available with the exception of the Deployment process and a limit of 20 users that may participate in a process. To use Bizagi in a production environment these restrictions must be removed by buying a license. After a license is purchased, a key is received and it needs Internet access to activate it.



Any mentioned limitations in this article only apply in On-Premise environments. For Bizagi Cloud environment features and limitations follow this link.


If the Production environment Server is in an isolated network with no Internet connection, the key may be activated with the following steps:


1. Install Bizagi on a computer with an Internet connection that has access to the server with no Internet connection (check if is possible to do a Ping or Telnet).


2. Run Bizagi Studio on this computer and, in the Welcome to Bizagi window, click on the License Administration icon.




3. From the drop-down list select the server where the license key needs to be registered; or type it if it does not appear. It is possible that the name cannot be resolved, if this is the case enter the IP address of the server.




4. Click Enter License Key and type or paste the license key. Then click OK to save and activate the key.