Automation Server

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Automation Server



Complete your BPM journey with Automation Server. This powerful application executes your processes and delivers them to the desktops and mobiles of every business user. Flexible to suit your needs, Automation Server lets you start small, nimble and tactical then extend your BPM capabilities across departments, countries and time zones.


Built for performance

Bizagi BPM platform is designed for the most demanding enterprise needs, capable of handling mission-critical, high performance BPM projects spanning thousands of users and millions of cases.


Meet your organizational performance objectives

Visualize your process objectives, set priorities and spot and correct any issues. Keep on top of what matters all from your personalized web portal.


Integrate with any IT assets

Automation Server offers unique support for native .NET platforms ensuring seamless and effective integration with your existing IT investments.


“Always On” performance

Bizagi's clustering technology means that your processes will continue to operate normally – no matter what happens.


Achieve continuous improvement

Get deep organizational insights with our reports, right out the box. See who’s doing what, when and where with our intuitive graphical tracking and monitoring tools. Automation Server ensures every step in the process flow takes place exactly as it should.


Anticipate problems and manage risk

Historical performance and data trends are there at your fingertips. Quickly identify bottlenecks and resource challenges – before they become an issue.


Manage by exception

Automation Server raises the alarm the moment there are exceptions to the rule. Service Level Agreements or non-compliance issues are reported to the right people in an efficient way.


Bizagi presents a Work Portal to end users where the Process model, previously designed and constructed, is interpreted and executed. Use of the Work Portal requires a browser (intranet or Internet) and a registered account.


The Work Portal is where end users access allocated cases or create new cases for a given Process, to control the cases Processing according to the business logic design. A case is a Process instance and so, when an end user starts a new case, he/she will create an instance of a Process. All instances are completely independent from one another.  


The Work Portal resulting from Bizagi's automation has a very important feature: when the Process is modified (i.e., any element of the business model) the application adapts itself automatically. That is why, in Bizagi, the Process IS the application.


Depending on the user profile, this portal also enables management of the Processes, reassignment of cases when operational problems arise and taking corrective actions for achieving organization's efficiency. The main screen of the Work Portal is divided into three sections; Main Menu, Cases Area and Work Area as shown in the following image.




View further information about the Work Portal and its features.


Bizagi Automation Server is FIPS-140 compliant

The United States Federal Information Processing Standard [FIPS] defines cryptographic algorithms approved for use by US Federal government computer systems for the protection of sensitive data. Bizagi as a computer system provider follows FIPS-140 standard to guarantee the correct operation of its products.

Below is the equivalence table with the algorithms approved by FIPS:


Not allowed algorithm

[FIPS] Allowed algorithm