BPUs Use Report

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BPUs Use Report


To improve the performance analysis of your processes, you can generate reports of the BPU usage. The report is downloaded in PDF format and contains the average BPU use within the last six months, the use per month, and the discrimination per process and process type.


To generate values in the report, a process must be executed from the start to the end.


Download the BPU Use Report

Administrators can generate the BPUs usage report from the Work Portal. Go to the Admin menu and select Licenses inside the User Management menu.




Select the BPUs usage report tab and click Download.




Open the PDF.




The report presents the date of generation along with the following information:


Environment information

Environment: the environment type where the report was generated.

Original version: Bizagi Studio version in which the project was created.

Total active users: the number of active users in your environment.


BPU Last 6 Months average

Has a unique table listing the total consumed per month for the last six months. The last record displayed in the table shows the total usage for the current month from the first day to the generation date.

The total shows the average of the the total consumed in the last six months.


BPU Last 6 Months total usage per process type

Has three logs which presents the total BPUs consumed in the range of dates that appear.

This indicator is in regards of processes, live processes and plans.


BPU per process report - Last 6 months

Shows tables per each month where the consumption is greater than 0.

Each table shows the total BPUs consumed per process during the given month.