Accessing Portals and Applications

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Accessing Portals and Applications


The customer portal works as the user registration of your Bizagi cloud-based services. Each company has a private identity provider, where the credentials of users registered through the Customer Portal are stored.


Depending on the subscription where a user is registered, that user can access with the same credentials to all the subscription portals. So the authentication of all your services is centralized in one private identity provider.




Users of the following portals are authenticated using the private identity provider. Authorization to each portal depends if the user is registered in the respective service subscription:

Customer Portal

Automation's Management Console Web (test, staging, or production environments)

Studio Collaboration's Management Console Web (development environment)

Studio Collaboration's Bizagi Studio log in

Artificial Intelligence Portal

Business Insight Portal

Modeler Portal

Modeler desktop application login


Users accessing the Work Portal of any environment (development, test, or production) are authenticated using an independent identity provider. See Work Portal access.



Users can access portals of the subscription where they are added. For example, a user registered in the Automation subscription, cannot access the Management Console Web of the Studio Collaboration subscription.


Once a user is registered in the Customer Portal, they can sign in using the same account to this portal, and all the portals related to the subscription. See Signing in the Bizagi Cloud Portals and Applications. If you integrate the Customer Portal sign-in with Azure AD, ADFS or Okta, this affects all the services that are authenticated with the private identity provider, mentioned in the previous list.




Management Console Web Authorization

The Management Console Web (MCW) is a web-based application that lets you manage the parameters of your Studio Collaboration Environment. There is an MCW for the project you are working on the cloud. The following roles have access to that MCW.


Company Administrator

Studio Collaboration subscription owner

Studio Collaboration project owner

Studio Collaboration contributor



If you run projects locally, the Management Console is not access via web, but with the desktop Management Console.


Other roles cannot access the MCW of your Studio Collaboration projects.