Management Console Web

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Management Console Web


Bizagi's Management Console Web is a lightweight console used by Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services to administer Development environments and to perform maintenance activities such as following up on scheduled jobs, setting execution traces, manage scheduler operations, and start maintenance window.



The web version of the Management Console is only available when the project's Work Portal is run on the cloud. If you run the project's Work Portal locally, you must open the desktop version of the Management Console.


Options available in the Management Console Web

The Management Console Web provides the following options.





Start the maintenance window and delete development cases.

For more information, refer to Environment.


This module presents options to manage the Scheduler and its jobs.

The Scheduler is a service created in each Bizagi project, to carry out jobs such as: sending alarms, triggering timers (activating timed delays), running custom jobs and Asynchronous Activities.

For more information about these options, refer to Scheduler.


Enables tracking of Tracing and Event log files generated during the execution of your deployed project.

Using this option, you can also generate a BPU report.

For more information about these options, refer to Track.


How to access the Management Console Web

Bizagi Studio displays a button to access the Management Console Web. You can find this button in the Cloud Services tab:




When you click it, the Management Console Web appears in a new browser tab.


Management Console Web for Enterprise subscriptions


For Enterprise subscriptions, the Management Console Web can be accessed either using the button above or using its default URL (https://manage-dev-[CompanyName]-[EnvironmentName] All the users in the subscription can log in the Management Console Web using the same credentials used to log in the Customer Portal.


If you need to include users to access the Management Console Web, refer to Bizagi Customer Portal.


Management Console Web for Trial subscriptions


In trial subscription, the first time you open the Management Console Web, you need to enter the email of the user who will be the administrator of the Management Console Web.




The admin user receives an email to create a password for their account.




Once the admin user creates the password and logs in the application, the Management Console Web displays.




Management Console Web Settings


In trial subscription, you can configure the following settings using the gear button located at the bottom of the left panel:


Account information: Lets you change the password of the admin user. The user admin can be the same user who owns the subscription and is the user who has the permissions to access the Management Console Web




Change Administrator: Lets you change the administrator of the Management Console Web. Once the user has changed, the new admin user receives an email inviting them to set their password.