Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services

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Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services


Studio Collaboration Services (SCS) completes Bizagi's available cloud-based services, to help you model, build, and run your processes on the Cloud.

With SCS it's easy to develop process application and collaborate on the Cloud 24/7 from anywhere around the globe. Changes are visible in real time, allowing users to co-develop and shorten the project’s time to market. SCS provides an isolated private Cloud environment which securely stores the definition and resources of automated processes and that authorized users can access.




Studio Collaboration Services key features

With SCS you get:


Get rid of managing infrastructure for development environments

Having local servers to host development environments tend to involve a lot of operative overhead, maintenance costs, time invested by the IT area to make sure everything is up and running, among others. Some companies use old servers to avoid high initial investments but then, when the time to deploy arrives, they have to invest a lot of money, time and effort in migrating the process applications to the production environment hosted in another server, if you have been involved in these type of situations you know the burden this brings to any digital transformation initiative.

Managing the infrastructure is no longer a problem, as Bizagi offers a True Cloud development environment. With SCS, developers can focus on what they do best and let Bizagi handle the rest.


Easy to co-develop process applications in a globalized team environment

The key to success in any digital transformation initiative is Agility, increasing adoption and scaling as fast as possible. In a global working environment it’s possible to have development teams distributed in different locations, in different time zones, with different specialties, among others.  

What if all the developers of a company worldwide could work on the same project, in different shifts due to their timezone? Building process applications 24/7 will dramatically accelerate any digital transformation initiative! This is now possible with SCS, no matter the location or time zone users can work together on the same project using our true Cloud infrastructure.


Flexible deployment, as you can run the application on the Cloud or locally

Some digital transformation initiatives have to struggle with deployment barriers. For example, if you start developing on-premises you have to deploy on-premises, or when migrating from Cloud development environments to Cloud production environments. This causes friction, additional efforts and additional costs involved in the whole automation process.  

With SCS you have the flexibility to develop and deploy on-premises or on the Cloud, just choose what works best with your digital transformation strategy without any restrictions whatsoever.