Enterprise subscription

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Enterprise subscription

Studio Collaboration Services subscription

A Studio Collaboration Services subscription offers you full access to different portals and applications for your development environment’s use and administration.  This section describes the structure of your subscription: 


Studio Collaboration Services subscription: Gives the subscription owner and invited users access to to all the Studio Collaboration Services infrastructure. 


Development environment: Set of computing assets provisioned in the cloud, and managed by Bizagi, which lets the development environment run one project Work Portal.


Bizagi Project: Repository of processes automated in the development environment.
In your subscription you can create an unlimited number of projects, and each project is related with one environment.
You can execute (run) ONE project Work Portal in the cloud, per package purchased in  Studio Collaboration Services. However, SCS stores all projects' metadata in your cloud environment. Thus, you can execute other projects' Work Portals LOCALLY, using local computer resources. Refer to Studio Collaboration Services Package.         




Studio Collaboration Services Roles

Subscription Owner: User account involved in the subscription purchase process. This user manages users in the subscription. The owner can invite other users or collaborators, to theStudio Collaboration Services subscription.




Project owner:  This user is the creator of a project in Bizagi Studio. The project owner can invite other collaborators to the project and define its security using the security module.  Any user invited to the project be registered in the subscription.




Collaborators: Users working on intelligent process automation in the project. They can access the project using Bizagi Studio with either the server installer or the portable edition, and can create or work on any component of the project, as long as they have permissions through the security module.  




Studio Collaboration Services Packages

Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services offers a purchasing package for a Studio Collaboration Services subscription. The first time you purchase a package, it contains the following elements:


First Purchased Package

1 Development environment with customized URL (build-[MyCompany].bizagi.com)

5 developers.

1 Work Portal running on the cloud.

Unlimited number of projects


You can purchase more packages associated with the same Studio Collaboration Services subscription. If you purchase a second package you can choose between adding five additional users or getting an additional cloud-based environment:


Subsequent Purchased Package (Option 1)

One additional cloud-based Work Portal


Subsequent Purchased Package (Option 2)

5 additional developers


For example,  you purchased the first package of a Studio Collaboration Services subscription, that lets five collaborators work on an unlimited number of projects in one environment. However, only one Work Portal can be executed in the cloud environment. To run the Work Portal of the second project, you must install all requirements locally. Refer to running a project.


When you purchase a second package choosing option one, you can run an additional Work Portal can be run in the cloud.




On the other hand, if you purchase option 2, for an additional package, you have only one project running on the cloud, but five more developers (additional from the initial package). All developers can work on all projects in the same environment.


Bizagi Studio

A desktop application for intelligent process automation. Bizagi Studio synchronizes the data from your cloud repository while you develop your applications: modeling processes, defining data models, creating forms, developing business rules, allocate work, define integrations, and designing experience for Stakeholders. You can Open Bizagi Studio using the On-Premises or Pen Drive installer.

On-Premises Bizagi Studio: Full installation with all Bizagi Studio components. Refer to Bizagi Studio Installation.

Bizagi Studio Pen Drive edition: You can run Bizagi Studio without having administration rights on your PC. Bear in mind the differences between On-Premises and Pen Drive.


Accessing the first time

After Bizagi provisions the development environment, the Subscription Owner has to:

1.Invite users to the subscription.

2.Create a new project.

3.Invite collaborators to the project.


First, the owner needs to install Bizagi Studio. Open it, select the Cloud Services tab, and register the subscription name, which is related to the company name chosen in the purchase agreement. The Studio Collaboration Services subscription URL has the following format:





The URL associated with your Studio Collaboration Services subscription is not a web application that can be accessed using a browser. This URL is only used in the configuration of Bizagi Studio.




Click Sign In. Remember that your collaborators need accounts registered in the subscription. Make sure they are associated with your company account. Register your credentials:




First the subscription owner need to invite other users. In the home wizard you can click the options icon and click Share subscription:




The window displays the subscription owner information.




Here the subscription owner can also invite other users clicking the Invite Users tab. It is possible adding multiple emails in one invitation. Register each user’s email and click the Add button. Finally, click Invite to send the invitation to all users:





The project owner is not part of the five users package, meaning that you can have a project owner plus five additional users. Pending invitations (waiting for user confirmation), are part of the five users package. For example, if two users already accepted the invitation, and you have three pending invitations, you cannot invite more users.


Each user receives an invitation from no-reply@bizagi.com, make sure this email is not included in the spam directory.




When you sign in for the first time, you see your account profile. If you do see it, you have to create a new account. Make sure that your account details are correct and click Save.




Creating the first project

Once the user accepts the invitation, the project owner is in charge of creating the first project of your Studio Collaboration Services subscription. Select the New project button:




Register the project name and click next.




The project owner can manage all project users clicking the Project button, viewing all collaborators in the project:




The project owner can manage all project users clicking the collaborators tab.




The project owner manages the users accessing the project; If you want to include users in the project open the Invite Collaborators tab. The drop-down list displays all users in the subscription. Select the user you want to define as a collaborator and click the Add button. If you want type an invitation message and click Invite.




Your collaborators can access the project using your Studio Collaboration Services subscription. Now you are ready to develop on your intelligent process automation platform using Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services


Running the Work Portal

When you purchase a Studio Collaboration Services subscription package, you can run one Work Portal using your cloud subscription. That is, you can run as many project Work Portals as the number of packages you purchase with the environment option. Be very careful planning which project you are going to run on your cloud development environment. If you create multiple projects, the first project that your select to run cloud is the project that can run in the cloud. Other projects must be run in a local server on your premises. Nevertheless, the metadata of all your projects is stored in your Studio Collaboration Services cloud storage.




Running the project on the cloud

Clicking the Run on cloud button in the first project, sets it as your only project that can run in your cloud development environment.




Bizagi displays a warning message, saying that it is the first time the project runs on the cloud:




If you do not have cloud-based environments available, Bizagi displays another warning:




Running other projects locally

You can run a project in cloud per package purchased in Studio Collaboration Services. Other projects are run locally. To run a project locally, click Run locally.




Refer to Running a project for further details.



If you want to change the project to be run on the cloud, you can disjoint the project in the home wizard.




This deletes all the data of  the environment, but the metadata of the project remains stored in the cloud subscription. Refer to how Bizagi handles data and metadata. Then open the project you want to run on the cloud, and click the run button again.