Accessing the first time

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Accessing the first time


When you purchase a cloud-based service, the first user is the company administrator. The administrator must access for the first time to the Customer Portal to define other users or administrators of the portal. First you need to set your administrator account.


After Bizagi provisions the Customer Portal the subscription owner can access it using the following URL format:




Then you need to follow these steps:




1.Set your administrator account: Activate your account and set a password.

2.Include users in the company: First you need to include users at the company level, then you can assign them to the service subscription.

3.add users to the subscription: Because you can have multiple services from the Bizagi cloud-offer, you need to define which users are going to work on your Modeler subscription.

4.add users to your project: Define which users are going to work on each project.


Set your administrator account

After the provisioning, the company administrator of the first purchased product  can access with the email registered on the on-boarding process. our team delivers a temporary password to access the Customer Portal.




However, we recommend changing the password click on Forgot your password. Type the email associated with your subscription, and click Reset Password:




The portal displays a confirmation message, and you must receive an email from similar to this:





The link to change the password lasts for 5 minutes. However, if the email has expired, you can generate a new email.


After clicking the button in the email, you must have an additional tab in your browser, where you can set a new password:




Make sure that your password complies with all password policies described below the text box and click Change password. Finally, open the customer portal URL and log in using your email and the new password set.

After you log in, you find the project and environments related to your enterprise subscription.


Now you can start managing, see User management.