Triggers and Actions

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Triggers and Actions


In Bizagi there are multiple ways to start a case. Users can start cases manually from the Work Portal, you can use an external system using the Bizagi OData API, or you can define programmed jobs. With Triggers and Actions, now you can define an automatic way to start cases, based on the content of emails. For example, if the email contains the word complaint, then Bizagi can automatically start the case of the Claims and Complaints process.


How Triggers and Actions work

Bizagi identifies if an action needs to be performed based on the content of emails. Bizagi reads from the email subject or body content of every email sent to an email inbox and based on conditions configured by you, identifies if an action needs to be performed.


For example, a customer of yours sent an email about a complaint. You define a condition, that if an email contains the word "complaint", it triggers automatically the process "Claims and Complaint", and the information registered in the email is sent to the process.





Email inbox for Triggers and Actions

Bizagi provides an inbox for each customer. This inbox cannot be changed to other email providers and its purpose is only for this feature.  The inbox has the following characteristics:


You do not need to configure anything to enable this email integration. This inbox is ready to use once your environment is provisioned.

We recommend copying or forwarding emails from your support inbox to this email address, to be considered by Bizagi Triggers and Actions.




Email inbox in Trial

If you are running in trial, your inbox is:


To obtain your username, run your trial's work portal and use the name in the second-to-last parameter:

So it would be:





Next Steps

Configuration of Triggers and Actions in Bizagi Studio.


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