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Powered by Microsoft Azure, our platform leverages the latest technologies and techniques to offer a secure and reliable cloud service, allowing you to design, automate, test, and run your business applications in high-performance cloud environments. 


Bizagi Cloud Services offers a virtual private cloud that grants each customer access to an isolated environment where the customer’s data and resources are not shared (encompassed within a dedicated customer subscription). Having separate resources, along with data isolation, allows for more predictable performance and gives a basis for strict compliance in terms of data privacy, best governance and security practices. 




Bizagi Cloud Services introduces a service-oriented architecture designed and built for the cloud. By implementing a highly modular structure (based on a service-oriented architecture), the platform produces compatible and independently deployable services that are easy to update while leveraging modern services that enhance security, reliability, and scalability. This structure and architecture enable Bizagi's continuous delivery process to keep up with the demands of software evolution. 


A service-oriented architecture design makes the services flexible to quickly adapt to new business or IT requirements. Service orientation is an approach fit for the cloud due to the flexibility inherent in loosely coupled architecture. 


The modularity of the infrastructure is based on web applications' independent modules. Each service (Modeler, Studio, Automation) consists of a set of independent web apps that include middleware systems such as interfaces or databases that process information based on the purpose of the web app. Isolation of each web app from others reduces the load on the whole system, which prioritizes requests based on their destination. 

For example, Studio Cloud Services handles data synchronization among co-developers differently than integrations with external systems. This architecture also permits robust control and administration of each module. 


For your end users, to access any of the available portals, all they need is a browser (either Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox). Navigation is done using HTTPS. 


Bizagi Cloud Services include resources that are shared among all Services:

DNS: resolves and routes each service's unique URL.

Traffic manager: routes requests to the customer's subscription while considering the availability of the service.

Security layer: a logical tier that filters requests and protects access while having a next generation firewall: It offers IDS, IPS, and antimalware protection, along with preventing leaks and protecting the ports.

Customer Portal: where the management of the entire platform is centralized. This web app allows managing the users of the different services acquired from the Bizagi Cloud Platform.

Platform: controls access to Bizagi’s platform resources, for example, users in the subscription or available environments.

Accounts: authenticates users added to the customer subscription, and validates users included within each project of a subscription.

Catalog: a repository of metadata for all of your cloud-based services.

SMTP services: you are entitled to use Bizagi's email service (which comes shipped in along with the subscription). This module is configured for all the environments of your subscription. 


For a detailed description of the infrastructure components, refer to the following links:


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