Bizagi Modeler Architecture

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Bizagi Modeler Architecture


Bizagi Modeler's architecture includes a number of technical features that provide a highly secure, reliable, and scalable Platform As A Service.

Bizagi Modeler  is cloud-centric, which means that its full potential is realized when used as a cloud service.


A service-oriented architecture

Bizagi Modeler introduces a service-oriented architecture that was designed and built for the cloud.

By implementing a layered domain-centric architecture, Bizagi Modeler produces a service that is easy to maintain and is under continuous improvement according to the clients' requirements, while leveraging modern services that enhance security, reliability, and scalability.

This structure and architecture enable Bizagi's continuous delivery process to keep up with the demands of software evolution.


Since everything changes in the digital world at a significant pace, a service-oriented architecture design, coupled with the implementation of agile development programs, makes, Bizagi Modeler a flexible service that quickly adapts to new business or IT requirements.

Due to the flexibility inherent in loosely coupled architecture, service orientation has been proven to be an approach fit for the cloud.




Bizagi Modeler takes it a step further by building a Bizagi service layer on top of some robust Azure services being leveraged, despite being powered by Azure (as its Infrastructure As A Service provider) and managed by Bizagi.



The architecture of Bizagi Modeler enables a design that:

Improves group collaboration by allowing different users to work on the same project or process.

Grants access to work from any place in the world.

Prevents the loss of information by saving the data on the cloud.

Allows users to work offline from places where there is no internet.

Complies with strict governance and security requirements.

Can dynamically scale up or down.


The diagram below depicts how users can access the Bizagi Modeler cloud service from anywhere (including mobile devices) by using their locally installed desktop application for edition:




Bizagi Modeler Cloud services offer a secure cloud architecture, powered by a series of reliable and robust enterprise-class services, such as:

A CDN to optimize performance for end users according to their nearest geographical location.

A traffic manager to route requests while providing enterprise subscriptions with a single-tenant service (a dedicated URL customized for your organization as https://model-[your_organization_name]

Identity management integration with your corporate identity provider system, providing a Single Sign-On experience.

The cloud service Web application is accessible at the dedicated/customized URL mentioned above and offers a set of enterprise features such as process compliance tracking controls.

Secure cloud storage and platform services are set up to provide an available and reliable service.

Advanced search that enables a smart lookup of activities where each end user participates (based on a RACI matrix).

A team of experts at Bizagi is assigned to take care of all infrastructure and services, and their IT tasks: provisioning, maintenance and tuning, and technical support. This team uses a service that lets them perform constant and proactive monitoring.


A Bizagi security center monitors the security across all components so that incoming and outgoing network traffic is strictly controlled (traffic is also encrypted).

A select team of experts (Bizagi Cloud Operations team) is appointed to monitor 24x7 such aspects, along with receiving alerts on potentially malicious traffic.

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