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The Bizagi cloud platform has a modular architecture with a combination of services suitable for your intelligent process automation strategy. This section describes the architecture of all services included in the platform.





For those accessing the platform, there are four main roles. Each subscription may have its own independent roles, not mentioned in this section.


Company administrators

These administrators have high privileges and can monitor all the subscriptions and projects acquired by the company. Admins of these cloud environments may grant or revoke admin access to the subscription for others.  


Subscription administrators

Users who manage or monitor each independent subscription (Modeler, Studio, Automation) and the cloud-based environments when applicable. In each subscription, administrators can grant or revoke access to projects/models created.


Project/Model owners

Users who create or upload projects/models manage their access rights. For Automation, they can configure environment parameters using the Management Console. They can also: apply deployment packages and activate maintenance windows.


End users

Users work daily with designed, documented, built processes and applications. End users access the Process Library or Production environment (the live operating environment). Users' accounts are integrated into an Access and Identity Management system and managed from your side.


Web-Based Portals

All services can be accessed via web-based portals. Depending on the acquired services, you can use any of the following portals.





Service associated

Customer Portal

A centralized web-based application that lets you manage users of all the services you acquire from our Bizagi cloud platform. You can easily invite users, manage permissions to access the resources of your cloud services, and share resources.

All services

Work Portal

A portal where the business applications that have been previously automated are presented to end users. They can work in structured or unstructured processes by creating new cases, completing pending activities, or overall working with the data of the designed business applications.


They can also develop on citizen developers' features like Live Processes.

Automation and Studio Cloud Services

Management Console

In automation, customers can purchase different environments like test, staging, or production. For each environment, administrators can manage the environment parameters, like authentication, authorization to Work Portal menus, external system parameters, connectors configuration, and review traces in the Management Console.

Automation and Studio Cloud Services

Process Library

The cloud repository is meant to be the central source of information for Modeler users. As a central cloud repository, its main purpose is to share all the changes made in real time in the models or processes between all the users of a group or a company.




Desktop Applications

Bizagi offers a comprehensive set of features for modeling and process automation. Due to the variety of process complexity, Bizagi offers desktop applications where users can model and develop process automation in a robust and reliable way. All models or projects created in these applications are stored in the cloud repository, so you can collaborate with globally distributed teams. These applications are included in the respective service. Available applications are:


Modeler: Bizagi Modeler desktop application is the tool where your team collaborates by modeling, documenting, simulating (paid plans), publishing and sharing business processes in industry-standard BPMN.

Bizagi Studio: Bizagi Studio is the tool used in the authoring environment to automate the processes you define with Bizagi Modeler. Its easy-to-use wizard guides you through each step to create your complete process model. Steps include defining the data model, the user interface, the business rules, work allocation, and integration with other applications.


Additional Services

These services apply to the Automation Service and have an extra cost:

A Disaster Recovery Plan and continuity of operations. For further information, see Disaster Recovery.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for integration with on-premises and legacy systems. See integration using VPN.


Email features

You are entitled to use Bizagi's email service (which comes shipped in along with the subscription). This module is configured for all the environments of your subscription.

The Service also contains a default Inbox to support Email integration feature and Triggers and Actions.

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