Publishing a site

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Publishing a site


To let your users access your site you must publish it. This action creates a public URL to your site where users can interact with it. We strongly suggest that you publish and test your page in a Test environment before publishing it to a Production environment.


Publishing a Site

To publish a site follow these steps:


1.Open the site you want to publish.


2.Click Publish from the Site Designer.




3.A new window appears. Give a publication name and click Publish.




When the publication name matches the name of another published site in your project, an error message appears where you have the option to overwrite the publication.




4.Your site is now published.




From this window you can copy the URL to your site by clicking the link icon.

When you access the site immediately after publishing it, your Bizagi user will be automatically authenticated.


5. Click Done to finish the publishing process.


Updating a published site

After you publish a site, there is a chance you might want to perform updates on its content. You can publish your changes by clicking the Publish button in the Sites Designer.




A window appears giving you several options: you can publish your site again in a different URL or you can update the site by clicking the update icon.




This window also lets you delete published sites.



When consulting your published sites, these are organized in a list based on their update date. In other words, your sites are displayed from the most recently updated (first position in the list) to the oldest (last position in the list).