Bizagi Cloud Platform

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Bizagi Cloud Platform

Bizagi offers a full cloud experience including every step of your processes’ complete journey with minimal programming: Model, Build, and Run.


With this complete process life cycle manager, you will improve productivity and efficiency, and enjoy profitable growth, sustainable in the long term.




Model your process workflows with Modeler Services

The first step to take when creating a Bizagi solution is to design the workflow or process flow. With Bizagi Modeler Services you and your team collaborate by modeling, documenting, simulating, publishing, and sharing business processes in industry-standard BPMN. BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) is a worldwide accepted notation standard for process modeling.


See Modeler Services Documentation


Build and automate your process workflows with Studio Collaboration Services

After designing the Process, the next step is to build, or automate, your solution. Automating involves converting process activities into a technological application. Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services enable you and your team to develop process applications and collaborate on the Cloud 24/7 from anywhere around the globe.  


Bizagi Studio is the tool used in the authoring environment to automate the processes you defined with Bizagi Modeler. Its easy-to-use wizard guides you through each step to create your complete process model. Steps include defining the data model, the user interface, the business rules, work allocation, and integration with other applications.


See Studio Collaboration Services Documentation


Run your automated processes with Automation Service

Once applications are built, they can be deployed to Automation Service in a Test or Production Environment. Bizagi presents imported applications in a Work Portal (web-based application) you access through a browser. The solution runs in the cloud, based on the process model you previously built. The cloud’s Work Portal watches for the correctness of the execution of the different tasks and activities that influence the business process: it controls and verifies that the tasks are processed at the correct moment, using the correct person or resource and that the process runs according to your company's guidelines, objectives, and other fundamental rules.


See Automation Services Documentation


Define and consume business insights for reporting and AI

In a business processes management strategy, reports are critical for management decision-making. You can define business information from your processes to be consumed by reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, among others. To achieve this, Bizagi offers datasets capabilities so you can define the structure of the information exposed. With Bizagi's Business Insights Datasets information can be populated from Bizagi processes, external applications, or predefined using CSV files. Then you can consume the information of each dataset using external reporting tools, or in the Bizagi Artificial Intelligence services.


See Business Insights Services Documentation



Make your processes intelligent with Artificial Intelligence

Using the information stored in your Business Insights Datasets, you can run Machine Learning algorithms to predict possible outcomes of your business based on your historic data. These predictions can be used in processes, so you can add value to your processes with intelligent analysis.

You can create multiple models and experiments to achieve an accurate prediction of your business information, using the right model to your data. After trained, predictive models can be consumed by Bizagi Processes or any external system through REST services.


See Artificial Intelligence Documentation


Next steps

Each private cloud contains ready-to-use architecture with no technical or time barriers, that only authorized users can access. For further information see Bizagi Cloud Architecture.


Bizagi cloud platform relies on robust cloud infrastructure. See Bizagi Cloud Infrastructure.