Downloading and uploading Sites

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Downloading and uploading Sites


The Bizagi Sites deployment to a Test or Production environment is different from the usual deployment procedure. However, this lets you make changes to your Sites without doing a deployment of your whole Bizagi project. This way, you can do small text changes or a complete revamp of the site's look-and-feel. Simply download your site output file in development and then upload them into test, production or any other environment you want. You can even move sites through your different development environments to keep a consistent look in all your pages.



To download your site output file in any environment:


1.Go to your source environment's Sites Editor and locate the site you want to download.



It is recommended that you optimize your site before downloading it. To do so, click the site's three-dot menu and select Optimize site.


2.Click the three-dot menu and select the Download site option.




You can also open the download window from the site editor by clicking Download site in the ribbon




3.A summary form showing the properties of your site appears. Review them and then click Download site.




4.An automatic download of your site starts. The output file will have the following name pattern [Your site name].sites.


5.Wait until the download finishes and save your site to a secure location.



To upload your site output file to your target environment:

1.Go to the target environment's Sites Editor.




2.A file explorer appears. Select the output file and click Open.




3.A summary form showing your site properties appears. You can change the site name and create a new folder for the site.




When an element doesn't exist in this new environment, a warning sign appears next to it and an error message appears at the top of the window.





Cancel the upload when there are warning signs. The missing stakeholders and collections must be deployed first in the environment.


When the name you chose for the site already exists an error message appears. Check the Overwrite site checkbox to overwrite the existing site. Otherwise, you can change the site name.




4.Review your properties and click Upload site.


5. Wait until the upload finishes successfully. Your site now appears in the list of sites.