Static Content

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Static Content

This option adds a collection of fixed items.


Image Gallery and Image Carousel

The following image illustrates options for an Image Carousel layout:




You can add new images to your control by clicking Add new item. This adds an empty image slot to the collection.

To edit the images, click the edit icon that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the image. This action also shows the trash can icon that you can click to delete the image.


Item Description

The following image illustrates options for an Item Description control:





Click Add new item to add a new item to the list, in the form that appears, click any of the options to customize the item.

To delete an item, click its trash can icon. When you select an item, an edit form appears where you can edit its contents.




You can choose whether the item will link to one of your site's pages or to an external location and whether the linked content opens in a new tab.


When your site is set as a Multilingual Site, any item description editing or deletion will affect the static collection's content in all the languages configured.




Additional fields for static collections

You can add additional fields on your static collections such as categories and tags. When you're setting up the content of your collection control, make sure the content is marked as Fixed. This lets you set Additional fields for your fixed collection.




You can give these fields the name you wish, they will be required fields for each of the collection items. The content of these fields is hidden on your published site. You can use this extra field for filtering results in the search control.


Say we have a collection with the information of three credit cards a Bank uses and we want to add the card's franchise. For this we created an additional field named Franchise.




Now, when we edit the items the franchise appears as a required field.




Simple static search for multiple collections

You can use a search control for multiple fixed collections. To set up your search control, hover the mouse pointer over it and then select the Manage search option.

Select the collections you want to add to your search control. Make sure you select Fixed as Source type.




Next, select the fields that will be used to as filter for the search.




Click Next, and turn on the option to categorize your search if you want.




When you categorize your searches the values of the category (additional field) will be visible to your stakeholders and will act as a filter. The fields that can be selected as categories must be shared amongst all the collection controls.


Then, set your search placeholder, the button's label, and field icon and icon color.




To finish click Done.