From on-premises to Studio Collaboration Services

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From on-premises to Studio Collaboration Services


If you already developed a project on premises, that is, using Bizagi Studio in your local application server and database server, you can upload it to  Studio Collaboration Services and start enjoying the benefits of having your processes in the cloud.

If you wish to try our services you can upload your project for a trial subscription, if not it is important to have purchased a  Studio Collaboration Services subscription subscription. You need your subscription information to migrate your project from on-premises to our cloud service. Contact your Account Executive for more information, or Contact us.


The process described in this section will migrate all the metadata of your on premises server to your Studio Collaboration Services subscription. This means that data such as cases, parameter entities and user information will not be migrated.



The values of parameter entities managed in development environments are recognized as metadata (i.e., these are migrated from your on premises server to your Studio Collaboration Services subscription by default), while the ones of parameter entities managed in production environments are considered data.


Nevertheless, if you want to migrate these latter values, you can use the Export Data utility of the Data Synchronization procedure launched from the Bizagi Management Console. This utility allows you to generate a .bdex file (including data from a specific development environment), which you can then migrate easily using the Import Data utility.


Generate a file with records of users and parameter entities

Before activating the migration procedure to the cloud, you need to identify if you need to migrate also records of users and parameters entities managed in the production environment. Therefore, you  need to follow these steps:




1. Generate a Bdex file

Open the Management Console of your on-premises environment. For further information about exporting the bdex, refer to Data Synchronization. Make Sure you select all Users and the parameter entities managed in the production environment. As a result you will have a .bdex file. Keep it in a safe place.




2. Activate the Migration procedure

This is a simple process that takes a few steps as described below.



Uploading large projects can take some time. It depends on the database size and also on your internet connection. If you lose connection while uploading a project, you'd have to restart the process.



To move your project to Studio Collaboration Services you need the following:

Permission to access Bizagi Studio on your on-premises development environment

Bizagi Studio project updated to the latest available version

Internet access to the application server of the development environment

Open access to port 443 in your machine

Purchased subscription to  Studio Collaboration Services


What you need to do

Open Bizagi Studio in the application server of your on-premises development environment.

Go to the Studio Cloud Services tab on the top ribbon, and click Upload.




The Upload wizard appears showing the benefits of Studio Collaboration Services. Click Next.




Enter your Studio Collaboration Services subscription name and sign in. If you haven't purchased a subscription yet, you can move your project to a Studio Collaboration Services subscription trial subscription. Keep in mind that the trial subscription allows you to have just one project on the cloud.




Set the project name, and invite subscription users to the project. If you haven't added any members, you can invite them later from Studio.




The wizard displays a window that gives you the option to keep a copy of your database. If you want to keep the database, make sure Keep database is selected.

Click Yes, upload to cloud.

When you don't keep the database your project will be moved to Studio Collaboration Services with no backup.




When the upload finishes, the wizard shows a summary of your uploaded project.




You can access your project as you do in any Studio Collaboration Services project. Refer to Access Studio Collaboration Services.


3 Apply the Bdex in the SCS subscription

After migrating your project to Studio Collaboration Services, you need to apply the records of users and parameter entities managed in the production environment, that you have exported from your on-premises environment.


In cloud, you now manage your environments using a web-based Management Console. Therefore, you can import the bdex file, accessing the Management Console of your SCS environment. For further information refer to SCS Management Console,


Now you have to follow the procedure to import data. For more information see Sync Data.