Creating groups in Bizagi Studio security

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Creating groups in Bizagi Studio security


Bizagi offers the possibility to create groups of users to expedite and simplify the granting of access rights, and organize your projects more easily.

Generally, using groups is preferable, because it takes less time and effort to manage group-based security.  If you add someone as a member of a group, they will automatically inherit the same access rights as the rest of users in the group.


Creating a group

1. In the Bizagi Studio Security window click the Add button located at the bottom left corner. This opens a window where you can enter the group's name and a description. When you are done, click OK.




2. Select the newly created group to add members to it. Users belonging to the Administrators group, if defined, will be added automatically.
Mark the Include checkbox alongside the users that should belong to the group.





Users who have Exclude selected will be regarded as not belonging to the group.


Adding a user or a group to a group

To add a user or a group to an existing group, click on the target group's name and then click Add User/Add Group. Search and select the user or group to add, and click OK.


Make sure Include is checked for all those members (users and groups) who should be added to the target group.





The Administrators group cannot be added to any other group.