Access to the Parent Process information from the Sub-Process context

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Access to the Parent Process information from the Sub-Process context

It is possible to navigate from the Process entity of the Multiple Sub-Process to the Parent Process.


Suppose we have a parent Process and a Sub-Process. Each Process has its own Process Entity as show below:




When you define relationships between entities, an attribute is automatically generated to allow access information from an entity to the other. We have defined a one-to-many relationship between the parent Process entity and the Sub-Process entity.


Note that a Students Application attribute has been created in the table Student Enrollment to allow accessing the information of the parent Process from the Sub-Process context.




Navigating the data model from the Sub-Process to obtain information from the parent Process can be useful when creating expressions or forms that require to access to information included in the parent Process.


For instance, suppose we need to access to three attributes from the parent Process: First Name,Last Name and Grade in order to include these details in the Sub-Process form. Forms in the Sub-Process will have the Sub-Process context, so there has to be a way to access the parent case information from the Sub-Process Process Entity.


When designing the form, it is easy to navigate the data model using the related attributes. In this case, we need to navigate from the Sub-Process Process Entity which is StudentEnrollment  through the attributes presented by the one to many relationship. We navigate through the Student Application foreign key (that corresponds to the Parent Entity's Attributes primary key), and from there, we can access the target attributes.


The XPath will be:







When creating and associating an expression to an Activity inside a multiple Sub-Process, it is easy to navigate from the Process Entity of the Sub-Process to the parent Process and be able to access to the attributes of this entity. On the following image, it can be seen how to navigate through the attributes (it is similar to the navigation when creating forms).