Understanding Multiple Sub-Processes

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Understanding Multiple Sub-Processes

Multiple Sub-Processes allow the creation of several occurrences or instances of the same Sub-Process. Bizagi allows the easy configuration of multiple Sub-Processes though a Wizard.


In order to illustrate how a multiple Sub-Process works think about a classroom for the next example:

In a school, several students have to be enrolled in order to assist to class. The applications of the students must be received and then an enrollment Process should be created: one for each student. The business situation can be modeled as shown in the following diagram:




The diagram above depicts two Processes: The Students Application Process, that will be referred as the parent Process, where all students file their applications. The second Process will be referred as the child Process, in this case the Student Enrollment multiple Sub-Process, which will create one case for each student independently.


The next image shows how Process data is used to create multiple instances of the Students Enrollment Process.




Before you get started

In order to configure a Multiple Sub-Process it is necessary to follow these steps:


1. Define and diagram the parent Process: In the first step of the Process Wizard diagram the parent Process. In this case, the parent Process is the Students Application Process.




2. Define and diagram the child Sub-Process: In the first step of the Process wizard diagram the child Process. In this case, the Process that will perform the individual Activities for each student that applied, that is, the Students Enrollment Process.




3. Create the one-to-many relationship or collection: in the Second Step of the Process wizard, edit the parent's Process data model to create the Collection between the Students Application and the and the multiple entries of the enrollments (Students Enrollment).


The relationship will be StudentsApplication.StudentsEnrollment,.  




4. Set the Sub-Process entity: Each process in Bizagi has one main entity. The Process Entity is the main entity that is used to access the rest of the data model entities. There is only one Process Entity per process.
If the process (or Sub-Process) is created through the Expert View, the Process Entity is not set. Therefore, you need to manually set the Process Entity of the multiple Sub-Process in order to access its data.

For further information about Process Entity refer to Make an entity a Process entity