Model Process

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Model Process


The first step to create Bizagi solutions is to design the workflow (or Process flow). The workflow, known as a chain of activities, is the fundamental structure of the project, to which variables and elements needed are included in accordance with organization’s requirements.




In this step, you can use an embedded Bizagi Modeler for create, update, or document the process to be automated.

The following options are available


Edit process: edit the business process previously created. For more information, refer to Editing a Process.

New process: create a new process using the embedded Bizagi Modeler. For more information, refer to Creating a Process.


Import process: retrieve your processes created using Bizagi Modeler. For more information, refer to Importing a Process.

Process Xchange: download and install any of the process templates designed by Bizagi for our community. For more information, refer to Process Xchange.