Default installation

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Default installation


Bizagi Modeler is a freeware desktop application that you can download from Bizagi's official website and use in a PC or laptop.

This section explains how to install the desktop application so that you can start working on your processes right away.


Before you start

Make sure that:

Your PC or laptop complies with the minimum requirements as described at System requirements.

You have already downloaded the Bizagi Modeler installer as described at Downloading Bizagi Modeler.


Differences when running with or without administrative rights

The installer can be run with our without administrative rights. The differences are where the Modeler is installed and who can access (run) the application.


If you don't have administrative rights, you can double click the installer, and it will run normally.
When installing  by double clicking, no admin rights are needed.
The application is saved in the location: C:\Users\{CURRENTUSERNAME}\AppData\Local\Programs\Bizagi\Bizagi Modeler
The application is available to be accessed exclusively by the user who installed.
If this is not the desired installation and you don't have admin rights, seek assistance from your IT department to use a local admin account.


If you do have administrative rights, right click the installer and Run as administrator.
The application is saved in the location: C:\Program files\Bizagi\Bizagi Modeler
The application is installed and made available for all the users in the machine.


Install Bizagi Modeler

See below instructions for Installing over a previous installation


1. When running the installer by double clicking, the installation will launch WITH NO ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS.

To run with administrative rights, double click and select Run as administrator.




2. Select the installation language from the drop-down list.





If the Microsoft's .NET framework is not installed or the version installed is lower, the installation is canceled. Refer to System requirements to know the exact version you must install.




3. Click the Next button to allow the installation wizard to guide you through the process.




4. Read the terms of the license agreement.

If you accept the terms, select the I accept the term of the license agreement option and click the Next button to continue the installation.

Otherwise, select the I do not accept the terms of the agreement option and click the Next button, and the application will not install.




5. Tick Setup Enterprise subscription for Modeler Services only if your company has purchased an Enterprise plan.

On the other hand and if you do not own an Enterprise  plan, leave the checkbox unchecked and click Next (and go to step 6).




Once the box is ticked, type your company's name (as registered exactly during your company's purchase of the Enterprise plan) to auto-complete the Enterprise subscription's URL in the text box provided.

If you have doubts regarding the exact registered name of your company, contact us.




Click Next.



At this point, the installer will validate such Enterprise subscription's URL, meaning that your PC or laptop will need:

Internet connectivity.

Allowed access (e.g., in your corporate proxy) to such Enterprise subscription's URL at


6. Select the folder where Bizagi Modeler will be installed.

You may change the default folder by clicking the Browse button and selecting a different folder.

Depending if you executed with administrative rights or not, the default folder will be different.


Click Next button when done.




7. Click the Install button to start the installation process.




The installation process may take some minutes to finish up.


8. Click the Finish button when done.




A shortcut is created on your desktop to allow easy access to the application.




Installing without admin rights over a previous installation

When you run Modeler 3.7 or above by double clicking, it will run with no administration rights.
If there is a previous installation with Modeler 3.6 or below OR Modeler has been installed WITH administration rights, the installer will prompt a message to make a decision.


If you have administrative rights, you can close the dialog and re-run the installer by right-clicking on it and Run as administrator.

This way, the same path and access is set for your Modeler application.


If you don't have administrative rights, you need to uninstall the previous Modeler installation and re-run the installer by double clicking it.