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Bizagi Studio



Bizagi Studio turns your process models into running applications so you can distribute them across your organization at lightning speed. No coding, no hassle, just a simple web application that allows you to easily adapt your processes to your ever-changing world.


With Bizagi Studio, continuous improvement is now a reality. Welcome to enterprise software that works.


Process IS the Application

Turn your process into a web application and adapt it instantly. No coding required and all in-line with the latest web standards.


Achieve results fast

Data layer promotes reuse, so you can quickly and cost-effectively share business objects across processes and projects.


Code-free forms

Drag and drop your attributes into any one of our auto-generated forms – it’s so simple.


Flexible business rules

Manage and share your business policies and rules across many projects. Make changes easily and implement instantly.


Workload balancing and routing

Gain total control over resources. Define work to be allocated. Optimize and balance workloads through inbuilt algorithms and manage delegates and working calendars.


Easy integration

Link Bizagi data with your IT assets using our powerful SOA-based engine. From SAP to Documentum, SharePoint to Outlook, connect to processes without programming.


Bizagi Studio presents an integrated runtime environment where you can login to test your automation process. As the building process takes place, this runtime environment, or Work portal, reflects in real time all the changes performed in Bizagi Studio.




Bizagi Studio is FIPS-140 compliant

The United States Federal Information Processing Standard [FIPS] defines cryptographic algorithms approved for use by US Federal government computer systems for the protection of sensitive data. Bizagi as a computer system provider follows FIPS-140 standard to guarantee the correct operation of its products.

Below is the equivalence table with the algorithms approved by FIPS:


Not allowed algorithm

[FIPS] Allowed algorithm