Bizagi Studio installation

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Bizagi Studio installation


Bizagi Studio can be used for teamwork or a standalone installation. Depending on this, Bizagi Studio offers different installation approaches that fulfill your development needs.




The following table shows the different scenarios, and shows the most suitable installation:




Installation option


Studio Collaboration Services

You have a Studio Collaboration Services subscription where you and your team develop an automation project for that subscription.

We strongly recommend using the Portable edition.

Portable edition does not require administrative permissions to install.


As an alternative option, you can use the Bizagi Studio Server installer, but this requires administrative permissions.

Using an on-premises teamwork setup

You develop in teamwork setup using on-premises infrastructure.

You need to install a project server, and set the developers workstation. See Teamwork setup.

This requires a installation in a centralized server, and in the developers workstations.

Run projects locally

You create and run projects locally, in your machine.

You need to use the server installation. See Bizagi Studio Server Installation.

This requires administrative permissions.


See how to download Bizagi Studio.