Physical security

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Physical security


In terms of security in data centers, as well as other security controls mentioned in Automation Service Security, Automation Service relies on several measures to physically protect data.


Data center security

Data centers are physically constructed, managed, and monitored 24/7 to shelter data and services from unauthorized access and environmental threats.

This means that physical security policies are in place for site entry control and multi-factor authentication is used to control access to server areas and to monitor internal site activity.


The physical security provided by data centers is maintained and secured using of guards, locks, cameras, biometric devices, card readers, and alarms, as well as firewalls, application gateways and IDS to protect the network.

These data centers also are subject to PCI scans to make sure security.


Environmental sensing technologies

Regarding environmental measures that protect data, data centers use sensing technologies including humidity and moisture control, fire and smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishing agents.