Email services

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Email services


With Bizagi you may configure your processes to rely on email services so that your processes can:

Send customized notifications to your users or customers, regarding the business.

Have Bizagi send out automatic notifications regarding a task being ready to be worked on (as soon as it is allocated).

Rely on alarms set off as reminders for tasks which are overdue.

Integrate the processes' workflow so that tasks can be completed via email replies.

Achieve Multi-factor authentication to enhance security by requesting two or more pieces of evidence from the user that is attempting to log in


A cloud emailing service is included along with the subscription. This module is configured for all the environments of your subscription.

When using this service, your process applications will send out email notifications from a SendGrid cloud service.

Bizagi is in charge of the service configuration as well as the managing and monitoring.


Technical specification

Communication is done using the SMTP protocol, through port 587 using TLS.


SendGrid is the emailing solution recommended by Azure to work best with Azure's cloud services. Click here to read  about SendGrid securicy policies.

The total message size of emails sent is limited to 20,480,000 bytes, or approximately 19.5MB. SendGrid recommends that attachments do not exceed 7MB. As an alternative, we strongly suggest to use links when sending files via email.


What should I do as a customer?

When you purchase Bizagi Automation Services it is necessary to define the domain that is going to be used by the service to send emails. For example

Thus, you should define the desired domain and authorize Bizagi to send emails on your behalf. This is done through a concept called Automated Security, in which SendGrid handles the signing of your DKIM and authentication of your SPF, for your outbound email. You need to add CNAME records (that will be sent to you), in your DNS.

If you have DMARC configured in your domain, Bizagi can support it.