Building processes for the cloud

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Building processes for the cloud


Bizagi offers a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides all the power of the Bizagi Digital Business platform directly in the cloud.

This means that with Automation Service, customers get to use the Bizagi digital business platform’s powerful capabilities and the system architecture enhancements and optimizations that are designed for use in the cloud.


Automation Service offers that same core principles which are characteristics of Bizagi:

Collaborative modeling centered on the business

A build-once-and-execute-anywhere paradigm with a WYSIWYG approach for the UI

No need for programming

Reusability of rules, forms, and data model components


There are some features and options for integration with other systems which are not available nor applicable to the cloud.

This article presents all important considerations you need to take into account when building applications to deploy in Automation Service so that you can make sure that your implementation follows best practices for a cloud-centric, service-oriented architecture and complies with the Automation Service run time.

Platform considerations

Integration considerations

Application design considerations

Other considerations