Mailbox integration to complete tasks via email

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Mailbox integration to complete tasks via email


When working on your processes, you can configure to complete a task directly from your email (that means that you don't need to enter to the Work Portal to complete that specific task). This functionality is called Email integration.

To complete this configuration, you need to have previously a mailbox service. This component is provided by Bizagi and its purpose is to receive all the email responses from users.





To obtain your mailbox, you need to contact support and request it through a ticket.


The general process to complete tasks via email is as follows:

1.A Bizagi process sends an email notification that allows to complete a task.

2.The end user receives the email sent by Bizagi.

3.The end user uses the email integration service to respond to the process.

4.The mailbox receives the end user's response.

5.Bizagi Scheduler checks the mailbox for new emails sent by end users. If the Scheduler finds the response email, it retrieves it and the process in Bizagi continues.


Mailbox service

In Automation Services the mailbox is provisioned by Bizagi using Office 365. Therefore, this mailbox by default has the following domain:


You must define the environments' mailbox username in the service onboarding, using the domain previously mentioned. For example, you can define the mailbox like:


Next steps

To learn how to configure your mailbox for the email integration, click here.

Once your environments are completely configured, you can now consider building processes for the cloud.