Installing the Web parts

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Installing the Web parts


This section describes how to install Bizagi Web parts for use in SharePoint Online, a first step as described at Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint Online.


What you need to do

This article describes how to install Bizagi Web parts on your SharePoint Service.


Before you start

It is strongly recommended that a SharePoint administrator carries out this installation. Make sure you have the following configurations set before installing Bizagi Web parts on SharePoint Online.


OAuth with Azure AD

SharePoint online requires Azure AD, therefore Bizagi OAuth has to be configured with the same server. For more information please check Azure AD authentication.




Allow iframes

Bizagi Web parts use iframes to get content form Bizagi servers. It is necessary to allow your Bizagi domains on SharePoint.


To do so, go to your Site settings and select HTML Field Security.




Select Allow contributors to insert iframes only form the following domains, and register your Bizagi servers by typing their domain and then clicking on Add.




Users registered in Bizagi

Make sure all users that will access Bizagi are defined in the Bizagi database and in Azure AD. This will allow Bizagi to map the right user from the SharePoint portal when Azure AD sends Bizagi the user information.


Web parts Installation

Now that your environment is ready for Bizagi Web parts, go to Bizagi SharePoint resources and download the installer for SharePoint Online.


Next, go to Apps in testing on your SharePoint portal and click on new app to deploy.




SharePoint Online will now display a Pop-up. Select upload on Deploy form a new app package.




This will show you another window where you can browse your files and upload Bizagi, which was downloaded from Bizagi SharePoint resources.





After this, enter your SharePoint Online endpoint as the place you want to deploy the app to and click on Deploy.




SharePoint will now show you the permissions Bizagi Web parts requests. Click on Trust It.




Installation of Bizagi Web parts will start. Once it finishes you will see Bizagi Add-in listed on the Apps in Testing section, ready to use.