Exporting to XPDL

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Exporting to XPDL

The XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) is a format standardized by the Workflow management Coalition (WfMC) to interchange business process definitions between different workflow products. The XPDL format can store all aspects of a BPMN diagram, such as attributes, resources, etc. Also some graphical information is held, for example the coordinates of the elements positions.    


Bizagi offers the possibility to share your diagrams with others modeling tools that use BPMN notation. You can export your diagrams to XPDL using the BPMN 2.0 notation shapes.


For more information about the currently supported XPDL version, refer to Supported standards.


To export your diagrams, follow the steps below:


1. On the Export/Import tab, in the Export group, click XPDL.




2. A window that sows the diagrams contained on the model appears. It has two columns, the left one has the whole list of diagrams in the model and the right one the selected diagram(s) you wish to publish. Select the diagram(s) you wish to publish and click the arrow pointing to the right.  




Once the diagrams are on the right, select the arrows pointing to the left if you want to get any diagram out of the publishing selection. Then, select the Finish button at the bottom right of the window.






3. Specify the appropriate folder to save your XPDL file, this folder need Read and Write permissions. Then select the Finish button.







Extended Attributes require data on them (or to have been exported with data) for their structure to be included in the exported package.


4. After export to XPDL format, you will be able use it in any program that supports this format.


5. You can also import a diagram in XPDL format into Bizagi Modeler.


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