Import a diagram from Blueworks

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Import a diagram from Blueworks

IBM Blueworks Live is a very common tool for diagramming processes. Bizagi Modeler allows you to import such processes to enable editing and manipulation.

To do so, first export the diagrams that you wish to import as an XML file (XPDL 2.1). Do not export your diagrams from blueworks as BPMN because this product does not export the coordinates of each shape.


To import your diagrams follow the steps below.


1. On the Export/Import tab, in the Import group, click XPDL.




2. Select "All files" in the file format drop-down, select the exported file from blueworks (in XML) and then click the Open button.




3. Once the XML file loads, you can edit it in Bizagi Modeler. It will appear as if the diagram was created directly in Bizagi Modeler.