Force Check-In

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Force Check-In

All models stored in the Bizagi Modeler cloud repository use a Check-in / Check-out Diagram functionality that prevents users from overwriting changes in a single diagram. To change a process, you have to check-out the diagram first and then make the adjustments you need. There is a possible scenario where a user checked-out a diagram and for some reason it's not available (doesn't have internet, is on a flight, etc) and forgot to check-in the diagram so other user can modify it. To solve this scenario, there is a option called Force check-in that the owner of the model can use to force the check-in of a diagram that has been checked-out by any user.


To Force the check-in a diagram follow the steps below.


1. Open the diagram that you want to force check-in and click the name of the user that has it checked-out.




2. Click Unlock Diagram.




3. A pop-up window appears to notify that the changes the user did to the diagram will be lost if you unlock the diagram. Click Yes to force the check-in been aware of the consequences.




4. You have now checked-out the diagram and just need to click the Check in button to release the diagram so other users can perform changes.





If the owner of the model is not available to do the force check-in, it is necessary to create a ticket in our support platform, to change the owner of the model. Then the new owner can use the force check-in option to release any diagram of the model.