Exchanging with another Bizagi Modeler

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Exchanging with another Bizagi Modeler


To export a diagram with Bizagi Modeler it's only necessary to save the model. For more information about saving a model go to Saving Models.



Bizagi Modeler allows importing one or more diagrams stored in a Bizagi Modeler file (.bpm model). Think of this as the option to merge two different Models.

To explain the importing process we will have a target model (where you want all diagrams to be stored) and a source model (where the diagrams are coming from) that has been previously created in Bizagi Modeler and saved as .bpm.


To import your diagrams follow the steps below.


1. Open the target Modeler file and go to the Export/Import tab, in the Import group. Click the option Bizagi.




2. Browse and select the source .bpm file and click Open.




3. Select the diagrams you wish to import to your target model. You can chose one or more. If you have another diagram with the same name on your target model, the imported one will be named Diagram X, where X is the lowest available number.





If your diagram contains a reusable sub-process you also wish to import, make sure to select it too. Only the selected diagrams will be imported.


4. Your diagrams will be uploaded and they will become part of your target model. Keep in mind that folders won't be imported.