Diagram view - Professional

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Diagram view - Professional


The Current Diagram View displays the chosen diagram so you can view the complete process flow that has been designed in Bizagi Modeler and navigate its documentation.




Diagram area

The diagram area is where the process flow appears. You can move around the diagram by dragging it, or by using the Zoom buttons located at the bottom right corner.




To zoom in the diagram, use Websitel_28

To zoom out the diagram, use Websitel_30

To reset zoom, use Websitel_29

Open Sub-process Websitel_35 : This element only displays when the shape represents a Reusable sub-process.


The following is the toolbar that appears at the top of the current diagram view.




It always presents the path of the diagram selected on the left (as breadcrumbs, to help you navigate back and forth). On the right, the available option Edit in Bizagi Modeler.


Edit in Bizagi Modeler

When the logged in user is an editor of the diagram, clicking the Websitel_13 icon launches Bizagi Modeler so the user can edit the flow and documentation. Refer to Editing Cloud Models for more information.