Creating a copy of a process

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Creating a copy of a process


To enhance efficiency and save time when modeling, Bizagi lets you to copy all the elements of a diagram into other. It lets you preserve the integrity of process diagrams, keep consistency and standardization.



When you copy a diagram, the following configuration is kept:

Process and its elements

Colors, Fonts and graphic configuration

Basic and extended property values

Simulation information


Useful scenarios to copy a process diagram

To preserve the integrity of a diagram. For instance suppose that you need to maintain a diagram design, but you want to experiment different changes. You can create a diagram copy based on the original one preserving all its process properties and perform the required changes.


To model a new process based on the design of another diagram. Create a copy of the parent diagram and design the new one keeping the parent process properties and save it with a new name.


We recommend to upgrade to a Modeler Service's plan that allows you to use the Revisions History feature. However if you don't have a current plan, you can keep track of each update or modification performed, by copying it as many times as substantial changes you perform so you can go back to each diagram version every time you require it.  


How to copy a process diagram

1. At the top of the Pie Menu, select the diagram tab of the process you want to copy. Right click it and select Create a copy.




2. A new process diagram tab appears next to the parent diagram keeping its original configuration. The name of the new diagram is Diagram 1, if you had a previous diagram with that name then the new diagram's name is the consecutive, "Diagram 2".