Transforming to embedded sub-process

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Transforming to embedded sub-process


You can convert a default sub-process (Reusable) to a Sub-process.



Due to BPMN standards Embedded sub-processes should be called Sub-processes and do not include lanes.


What you need to to

To transform your reusable sub-process into an embedded sub-process, follow these steps:


Right-click on the Sub-process to convert, choose the Sub-process type option and then click on Sub-process.




The diagram element's border will change to indicate it is now a Sub-process, if the sub-process has already been modeled, you are done.




Let us assume that the Quotations Sub-process has not yet been diagrammed. To create the Sub-process not yet modeled, use the Edit Sub-process option by right-clicking the shape:




A new canvas will be opened for you to start modeling your sub-process.