Comments on models

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Comments on models

Comments let you interact easily with your colleagues to send and receive feedback about a model diagram design and documentation.

Bizagi lets comment in several parts of a model to contribute to a better design in a collaborative way. All members of the subscription can see every comment. You can comment:


From the diagrams view.

Within each diagram.

Within a specific shape.


Comments on models can be made either from Bizagi Modeler desktop application (for Editors) or from the Process Library (for Editors and Contributors).

To make comments about a model, its diagrams and its elements, open the model from the desktop application (in the File tab select > Open > Modeler Services > Browse to locate the modeler) or sign In to the Process Library using your Bizagi credentials.


Use the Comments panel, which is not available for Personal or Professional plans.

In the Process Library, open the panel by clicking the Show Comments icon (Websitel_14).

In the desktop application click the Comments icon found in the Diagram section of the Ribbon.




Enter your comments and press Enter to save them. Each new comment generates a notification for all team members.



Comments panel from the desktop application


Comments panel from the Process Library


You can perform the following actions on comments:





Bizagi Modeler

Process Library




Reply to a comment. Users cannot reply to the comments' responses.




Delete a comment or a response.