Offline collaboration

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Offline collaboration

You, or your team, can also work offline within a collaboration model. Offline collaboration allows modification even if there is no access to a network connection. Offline collaboration is only possible when the collaboration model files (.bpmc file and folder) are available in offline mode through an Online Storage Service or if your network folder is always available offline.


You can lock the process for editing before or after you log off the network. However we recommend that you lock the diagram for edit BEFORE you disconnect or log off from the network to avoid conflicts.


Click here to learn more about Conflicts resolution.


An example of an offline collaboration being needed is where you may be on a business trip and plan to work whilst on the airplane.


1. Before you leave your office click the Check Out button, in the Diagram group on the Home tab, to lock the diagram for editing.

(Since the diagram is in edit mode you alone are able to make the changes, which can be done whilst on the plane.)




2. Once the changes are made, click the Check In button, in the Diagram group on the Home tab.  The diagram will automatically synchronize when next you connect to the network. Once synchronized your team will be able to view all changes.





In order for offline collaboration to work you need to use:

An Online Storage Service, for example: Dropbox which creates local copies of all files on your computer; or If you are using a file server, the shared folder must be made available offline.