Using Categories

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Using Categories


Categories classify comments, that have been made in the Comments Window, according to their priority, relevance or topic. For example you can classify your comments to distinguish between urgent changes, issues to evaluate, etc.


Defining and assigning categories enables you to filter comments and so focus on the most important information.


To define categories follow the steps below:


Create and assign filters to comments

1. Select Filter by in the Comments Window.




2. Select Edit Categories.




3. Select the category you wish to define and then click the Rename button. Name it and click OK button.







4. Click the category icon located on the right hand side of the comment and select the desired category.


Filter comments by category

Comments can be filtered if you associate the relevant comments to category tags. To tag your comment, click the Filter by option and select the category.




Remove filters and clear categories

To remove a filter click the red button located on the right-hand side of the category.




To clear an associate category tag select the category icon, located on the right-hand side of the comment; thereafter, select the Clear option from the drop-down list.