Getting started with Bizagi Automation

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Getting started with Bizagi Automation


Welcome to Automation Service and thank you for choosing us as your Digital Business Platform in the cloud! We are excited to have you as a customer and look forward to offering you a positive experience with Automation Service.


This welcome package will help you enjoy a smooth transition to your new service, providing you with resources and information to guide you in your very first steps.

What you expect

Customer responsibilities

Next Steps


Version compatibility

This user guide corresponds to the Bizagi Version 11.2.5. To review the new features and improvements in this version visit our release note web page.


What to expect

Your subscription to Automation Service entitles you to:

Ready-to-use cloud environments as defined during your purchase (one Production environment; plus a Testing environment if applicable, and a Staging environment as well if applicable).

Access to the Customer Portal for you and any other admin users you wish to grant access to, to manage these cloud environments.

Technical support with an online ticket portal enabling easy communication and follow-up on your side.

Further options regarding SLAs for technical support, apply as defined during your purchase.





Bizagi Automation does not include a development environment. Bizagi Automation's development environment is Studio Cloud Services, which is a cloud-service that enables you to build your own processes and run them on the cloud. To learn about Studio Cloud Services, follow this link.


You are in charge!

Your cloud environments are ready for you to use, but they do not yet have running processes and application for your users.

You are completely in charge of the content (business applications) that you publish in these cloud environments, and when to make them available to your users.


You can explore, validate and become familiar with the cloud environments right away.  And, most importantly, you can publish and roll out business applications to these environments at any time, starting now.

Automation Service PAAS - Customer responsibilities

When you get Automation Service, Bizagi and you share different responsibilities depending on the resources. As a customer, you are responsible form managing the applications and their data. The following list summarizes your responsibilities as a customer:

Develop the applications and deploy them to the cloud.

Maintain consistent versions of development environment and request upgrades to cloud.

Manage user accounts and access rights.

Manage business parameters and connectivity with other systems (e.g., PFX for integrated auth), as well as monitor adequate applications operation in relation to the above.

Set up the VPN (shared responsibility) as well as monitor its operation.

Monitor resources’ use through BPUs and request scale up or down if needed.


For more information about Customer responsibilities, click here.


Next steps

Learn about the Automation Service user roles and portals by following this link.

To understand the complete list of the customer responsibilities, click here.


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